When designing for games, there is always a lot to consider. Visibility is key – it’s likely that your game is going to be played on a variety of devices and your characters can quickly be lost if you have not planned for larger and smaller screens. File size is an issue, so keep it light.
The first time you built a run cycle, I bet you made it too slow. When your player is in the heat of the moment you need to make sure they don’t forget how precious and vulnerable your character is. Design for speed and communicate fast!

Case Study – Standard Bank

Games are a passion of ours. Whether you want an Angry Birds or something to run on an Oculus Rift, we are game!

We created a series of fun, lightweight games for Standard Bank that needed to run online and on mobile.

Case Study – Capitec

A greedy pig platformer needs to eat all the gems.

We’ve had a lot of fun making games over the years, but Hog Dash has got to be one of our favourites. If you’ve never worked on a tile based icon sheet, you have no idea the fun you’re missing. Hog Dash is a classic platformer where you race your pig to the top of the screen as fast as you can. It’s a simple premise, but we find simple often translates to high engagement. Based off the assets created, we developed a mobile version of the game called Hog Market which is a simple pattern recognition.

Great assets, great fun, great client all equal a great time!

Tutorial – Game Development

We get a lot of questions about game development. There is always so much to gain from taking a peek under the hood of software development of any kind, whether it’s what you end up doing as a career or not. In an effort to help, we have produced a quick overview tutorial. Click to view. It’s in an open Google doc for easy reference and so that you can leave a comment for us if you have any questions. Have fun!

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