Interaction design permeates everything we do, but nowhere is it more visible than in multimedia projects that involve custom electronics, unusual networks and software built from the ground up.
Blending the digital with the physical is a critical and exciting part of what we offer.

Case Study – Design Indaba

This project was a great example of how important it is to have strong relationships with your team and to be adaptable when working with a brief. It wasn’t about if we could build a motion sensitive LED installation, but more about dealing with fluctuating budgets, extremely tight time frames and sourcing of scarce materials. We had an opportunity to work with some talented engineering students from UCT and an injection moulding team.

Case Study – Lipton

Every now and then we get asked to make an arcade machine. This Dance Dance Revolution style unit was built by us from the ground up and even triggered a drink vend when the game was won. We were approached by Stretch Experiential Marketing to conceptualise and manufacture a “dancing vending machine.” People needed to be able to dance on an interactive dance floor that would light up with each step. The more steps they would get right, a Lipton bottle would fill. On winning a game, the integrated vending machine would dispense a drink. The three elements included a game, a dance floor and all the electronics to link the dance floor to a vending machine.

1. We designed and coded the game from scratch.

2. Worked out the engineering and construction of a full audio / visual mobile stand including a dance floor that could be set up in multiple locations around South Africa. The whole thing was held together with four bolts.

3. All the electronics.

Case Study – Axiz

LED strips linked together to create a flexible screen, a custom built LED cloud animated by interactions via Twitter and NFC. Enough said. Working with Stretch Experiential Marketing and Ideso Industrial Design Solutions, we were asked to help create an interactive cloud and rain installation for Axiz Workgroup at the 2014 annual Cisco Connect. The brilliant guys at Ideso worked through the night to fabricate the cloud and perspex stand, leaving us free to do all the electronics and interactive stuff. The rain had to display effects, as well as respond and record a competition entry when a delegate swiped their NFC convention tag or tweeted the activation. Always so satisfying when you have almost 100% of people interacting with the stand.

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