One of the most overlooked areas of any activation – experimental or otherwise – is detailed analytics from engagements.

We are passionate about reviewing the work that we do so expect a full report after every campaign.

Case Study – Havana

Havana required us to manage multiple venues across the country for a number of months synchronising data capture and being able to push updates remotely during the course of the campaign.

Case Study – Standard Bank

With so many facets to the Standard Bank UX campaign, it was a challenge to know which areas were doing well and which needed further optimising. Through live tracking and AB testing, we were able to design the experience and constantly modify it for optimum performance.

Case Study – Bos Designer

Understanding what users love about your apps helps you maximise their lifespan and your investment. Through intelligent analytics, Bos Designer is an app we made for a three day event that is still going from strength to strength 5 years on.

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